Fallbrook's Famous™ Avocado Fudge was born of a
desire to establish an enduring and iconic specialty to
be uniquely associated with Fallbrook, CA...the
Avocado Capital of the World.  

The brand and the product has been created by Rick
Hill and his wife Sophia.  In a past life, Rick was the
senior marketing executive for a host of consumer
products companies and saw the opportunity to
create his own brand and product.  It would be one
of high quality, limited production and without regard
to cost. It would simply be good and worthwhile.  A
product with soul. A product craveable for its taste
and heritage alike. And so it is.

While we didn't invent the idea of avocado fudge, we
feel we have perfected it by replacing all of the butter
traditionally included in fudge with fresh, ripe
Fallbrook avocados, superior chocolates and
flavorants, premium nuts and other mix-ins. And
we've just introduced several vegan varieties, too. Our
recipes are entirely our own.  We produce fudge
almost every day and portion it in cupcake-sized
pieces we call Cup-O-Cado™. These are individually
wrapped to ensure freshness and to protect
your fudge from airborne contaminants.

We hope that you'll love our fudge as much as we
and our many thousands of customers do.  If you do,
please tell everyone.  If you don't, please tell us!
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